Best Farm Experience in Slovenia

If you are curious how a traditional Slovenian farm looks like, you’re in luck as Slovenia has plenty of them. Read below about how you can find the best farm experience in Slovenia.
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Blog Published April 25, 2019
Edited March 29, 2024

If you are curious how a traditional Slovenian farm looks like, you’re in luck as Slovenia has plenty of them. With lots of unspoiled nature, there are numerous opportunities for farming and younger generations are stepping in.

If you want to have real farm experience and rolling up your sleeves instead of just observing, then you’re on the right site. This farm experience lets you try things with your own hands. After all, the best part is getting your hands dirty and doing it in good company.

Being a farm Joe

You’ll visit an authentic Slovenian farm, where you’ll spend a day like a farmer. You’ll get to help farmers with their daily routine, which means you’ll also get familiar with a good old shovel. You’ll learn about agriculture, livestock, and traditions and there’s no better way to do it than to actually do it.

Depending on a season, you’ll help with fieldwork, beekeeping, peeling corn, making bread, collecting the eggs and other daily farm tasks. A good dose of fresh air and some old fashioned country humour should keep you energised till lunchtime when a hearty authentic Slovenian lunch will be waiting on the table.

Fresh from the field

You’ll be inspired by the fresh produce that makes it to a farmer’s table. “Straight from the garden to the pot” is a basic principle that country people like to follow. Local and seasonal ingredients are being used in a farmer’s kitchen, as you’ll see for yourself.

There’s nothing more satisfying than eating something you’ve just picked from the garden. Farmers respect the land that feeds them and that means less food is wasted. And that’s something we should all strive for.

If you want a taste of authentic country life in Slovenia, then join us on farm life Slovenia, where we’ll bring you on a country adventure. A day on a busy Slovenian farm should bring out a southern girl/boy in you, so don’t be surprised if you’ll find yourself thinking about starting that vegetable patch back home.

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