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Farm Stay Slovenia

Choose from the finest curated tourist farms in Slovenia — dive into the green countryside and enjoy generous meals, local produce, and warm hospitality.
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Chose from an array of authentic Slovenian Farms

Indulge in delicious food prepared by traditional recipes

Bring your whole family for an unforgettable experience

Relax in the warm hospitality of your hosts

Appreciate the peaceful life and atmosphere of the countryside

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Experience Life on a Slovenian Farm

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Slovenian Farmer

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Ride along with a local farmer

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Feed the Livestock

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Schnapps Tasting Slovenia

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Gardening Experience

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Join the fun with your Friends and Family

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Experience the Farm Life First Hand

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Farm Experience Slovenia

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Join the Authentic Life of a Farmer

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Farm Work

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Moving Hay on a Slovenian Farm

What is Farm Stay Slovenia?

Welcome to Farm Stay Slovenia, your ultimate rural retreat in the heart of Europe! We provide a unique platform for travelers to book stays at diverse local farms nestled in the scenic landscapes of Slovenia.

From the undulating hills of Slovenske gorice at Firbas Farm to the peaceful vineyards of Kmetija Štekar, and from the tradition-rich village of Rodik at Pri Friščevih to the breathtaking tranquillity of Homestead Šenkova domačija, each farm offers a unique slice of Slovenian rural life. Experience sustainable farming practices at eco-certified Kmetija Lenar, or immerse yourself in the harmony of nature and rural architecture at Ročnjek Farm.

Every journey with Farm Stay Slovenia promises an unforgettable exploration of Slovenia’s agricultural heritage, rich traditions, and natural beauty.

What kind of Experiences can I Expect During My Farm Stay?

A stay at one of our farms is more than just a holiday – it’s an immersive, enriching experience that allows you to live, breathe, and taste the rural lifestyle. Depending on your chosen farm and season of visit, your activities can vary from cycling through beautiful landscapes at Firbas Farm, cooling down in a natural swimming pool at Kmetija Štekar, or exploring traditional games and local architecture at Pri Friščevih.

Savor the traditional flavors of Slovenia with dishes like žganci and flancati. These delicacies are prepared with ingredients you will interact with. From collecting eggs, to milling flour and harvesting fresh produce. Using traditional methods and recipes that traveled from one generation to another, this is a unique opportunity to taste the finest food Slovenia has to offer right from under the hands that helped build it.

Experience an eco-conscious lifestyle and learn about traditional farming practices, where you can also partake in various courses. The diversity of experiences, from hands-on farming to gastronomical delights and nature-based recreational activities, will give you a truly Slovenian rural experience.

The Best Farm Stays in Slovenia

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Farm Jelinc

This family-run tourist farm is an ideal starting point for hiking along the Soča River, exploring Bovec area and the nearby mountains for different sport activities.
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Farm Štekar

Nestled in picturesque Snežatno, a heritage of warm hospitality, local flavors, and organic wine awaits you in the heart of the glorious Goriška Brda hills.
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Farmhouse Lenar

Your gateway to the Logar Valley, an extraordinary fusion of pristine alpine landscapes and rich cultural heritage, where authentic organic indulgence meets unlimited outdoor adventures.
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Once a humble farm, now a cherished destination, where the Firbas family transforms the simple beauty of rural life into enriching experiences fueled by passion, love, and respect.
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Pri Friščevih

This farm is a rural sanctuary in Rodik, where Slovenian traditions, homely gastronomy, and leisurely exploration blend into an unforgettable stay.
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Šenkova domačija

A timeless relic of rural authenticity, where the echoes of centuries past are lovingly preserved within the walls of the oldest architectural layout in the valley.
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Tourist farm Ročnjek

Discover tranquillity and traditional living on the cusp of the Pokljuka Plateau, where heritage architecture meets modern comfort amidst the harmonious embrace of man and nature.
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Čebron Family Estate

Savour the essence of Slovenia through timeless traditions, captivating landscapes, and fine wine in the tranquil heart of Vipava Valley.

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