Become one with nature

It used to be that we were much more dependent on nature in our lives. If you are still interested in how that looks nowadays in Slovenia, read below.
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Blog Published May 23, 2019
Edited May 7, 2024

Living off the land used to be a way of life for most of the people in Slovenia. Farming meant respecting nature that provided food and other essentials for living. Whole families were actively involved in farm life and would contribute to the day to day work process.

These days most of us live and work in the city, so getting back to nature is becoming more and more appealing. If you want to experience what farm life in Slovenia looks like, then you are welcome to take a look.

Spend a day like a farmer

Visit an authentic Slovenian farm and learn about agriculture, livestock and traditions. You’ll observe and participate in different activities, such as working in the fields, beekeeping, peeling corn or collecting the eggs. Helping farmers with their daily routine will give you a taste of traditional Slovenian country living.

After farm activities and fresh country air will awake your appetite, you’ll be served an authentic Slovenian lunch, to regain your strength. Using only local and fresh ingredients, this hearty meal stands behind the idea “from the garden to the kitchen”, where produce is being used locally. There’s no better way to experience traditional country life.

Become one with nature

After observing and participating in everyday activities on a typical Slovenian farm, you’ll get a good feeling how a farmer’s day looks like. Farm activities vary, depending on the season, but there’s plenty to do all year round. When not working on a field, farmers tend to livestock and do other handiwork around the farm. And after a long day, there’s always an aromatic heap of hay to take a quick nap on. Just like it was done in the past.

Becoming one with nature means respecting nature and its cycles. These cycles are most easily observed on a farm, where work is in harmony with nature. Spending just a short amount of time on a farm can help you reconnect with nature. After all, what feels more natural than collecting a basket of fresh eggs or picking ripe cherry-red tomatoes for your supper?

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