Slovenia’s Farm to Table Food Scene

Do you want to enjoy authentic, homemade delicacies? Or an entire meal constructed from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients? Slovenia is the place to eat and be healthy!
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Blog Published December 6, 2019
Edited May 7, 2024

Slovenia is the perfect place to enjoy fresh and healthy foods. Why? It’s a land of green, rolling hills, farms, gardens, and forests. Nearly every Slovene is the proud owner of a vegetable and herb garden. And it’s not just in the countryside or rural towns. In fact, I’ve never come across so many home gardens in a city as I have in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital.

Slovenia Farm Life at Its Best

Whether I’m well away from Ljubljana, or even quite close to it, I’m always amazed by the number of farms that exist here in Slovenia. In fact, the country even hosts a competition for the best-kept farms, so they are even more motivated to keep them thriving. 

Slovenes are proud of their local produce and they’re very much inclined to stay that way. They know that home-grown food tastes richer. Even Slovenia’s top chefs are well aware of this as they join the ever-so-popular farm-to-table movement that’s buzzing right now.

Garden-To-Table in Slovenia’s High Gastronomy

Some of the country’s star chefs like Ana Roš and Janez Bratovž swear by the rich flavours that the local ingredients they personally collect for their dishes emit. The skill by which they incorporate these fresh items into their culinary masterpieces is a testament to the wonderful meals one can produce out of simple, and sometimes wild, ingredients. 

Ana Roš of Hiša Franko restaurant in Kobarid makes this really tasty cauliflower ravioli dish containing goat brains, black beans and chili drops, with wild bitter herbs and truffles. All these ingredients served in a baby-goat-head broth. Slightly risqué, but surprisingly amazing and unforgettable. 

Farm to Table at its Finest

Janez Bratovž is synonymous with his fine-dining JB Restaurant. This famous chef is known for sourcing his fresh vegetables from Ljubljana’s farmers market. But listen here: He also travels to these really remote locations around Slovenia to select the best of the best. Among his most favourite suppliers are Primož and Polona Krišelj, who breed Krško Polje and Mangulitsa pigs at their eco-farm, Pri Šuštarju.

Slovenia’s Authentic Eco Farms

Ecological farms across Slovenia offer not only fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit, but also other homemade products and home-grown produce. While discovering authentic Slovenian farm life, you will eat meat from the barn, and spoon up heart-warming stews and soups. And for drinks? How about some juices from their orchards, and wines from their vineyards. 

Let’s Get Spicy

Slovenian gardens are not short of spices either, and they’re local and regional. I love walking around fragrant bushes, plucking whatever it is I fancy: marjoram, mint, lemon melissa, sage, thyme… you name it. 

Food for the Soul in Slovenia’s Tourist Farms

This may sound cliche, but the foods you can eat at Slovenia’s tourist farms are truly soul-inspiring. The housewives at these farms will serve you food that is prepared with love. Love-infused food not only fortifies your body, but also your spirit. Just picture a huge, rustic farm table laden with delights that are fresh to the minute. Ingredients that exude both tradition and modernity. 

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